High Protein Vanilla Birthday Cake

My Birthday Everyday 🙂

I've always been a cake person and wanted to find a recipe that I could eat everyday without it destroying my macros. 

And don't get me wrong, I do love me some ice cream but cake has a special place in my heart 🙂

Plus it is easy to fit ice cream into your macros but cake….. that's a whole different ball game!

So since I wanted to make it my birthday errday, I went into my cooking lab and experimented until I came up with the perfect recipe. ​

Normal vanilla birthday cake macros can't be that bad right!?

For example, lets look at the macros of a normal vanilla cake:

  • ​For 1 Piece: 1/8th of the cake
    • 240 calories
    • 9.5g fat
    • 37.5g carbs
    • 2g protein

Now lets compare my cake 🙂

  • ​For 1 piece: 1/8th of the cake
    • 65 calories
    • 1g fat
    • 9g carbs
    • 5g protein 

And who is only going to have 1 slice!?

When I eat cake, there is no way I am only going to have one slice so my biggest challenge was to find a recipe that allowed to eat the whole thing! And I did just that 🙂

Let's compare if I were to eat the whole cake. ​

  • The Whole Normal Vanilla Birthday Cake
    • 1900 calories
    • 74g fat
    • 300g carbs
    • 17g protein
  • ​My Vanilla Birthday Cake Recipe
    • 520 calories
    • 9g fat
    • 75g carbs
    • 40g protein

A Tale of Two Cakes

See now you can have cake everyday!!!! Your welcome 🙂

​Hurry Up and Tell Us the Recipe!



P​ut oats in bigger than normal bowl and add water until it water is just above the oats. (pic to the right)
​Then cook oats for 1:30 in microwave. Take oats out and stir until the oats have soaked up the water and then add a little bit less water than you did the first time. Water should be about level with the oats
Cook for another 1:30 and take the oats out and repeat the previous process but add about half of the water you did this past time.
You will cook the oats 4 times total, stirring after every time and adding about half as much water as you did the previous time.
Once your oats are all the way cooked, you will need to add you protein powder, sugar free/fat free pudding mix, and about 3g of stevia if you'd like and mix until all the ingredients are mixed into the oats. Make sure you take the oats directly from the microwave and add all the ingredients quickly because if you do not, the oats will not soak up the ingredient properly and will not come out solid
​Then you will immediately throw it into the fridge for at least 4-6 hours to let thicken up and become a sponge type texture. I put it in the fridge overnight I eat it the next day
After at least 4-6 hours, you can then take the oats out of the fridge to be topped with our icing and sprinkles
​Top with the Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla Greek yogurt and then delicately drop your sprinkles on top 🙂 

​And that's it! Enjoy!

If you enjoyed this recipe please feel free to share with anyone you think would enjoy some guilt free cake! That means you have to share it with everyone because everyone needs guilt free cake in their life!

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In the comments, tell me what your favorite flavor cake is? Obviously mine is vanilla 🙂

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Thanks and God Bless,