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How many different diets have you tried over the years? Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, weight watchers, nutrisystem, low carb, keto? How many of your favorite foods did you have to eliminate? The BEST Diet is the one you can do for the rest of your life and Flexible Dieting is just that! If you are craving ice cream, have some ice cream! If you want a cookie, best believe you can have a cookie! Or if you are ´╗┐me, Homemade #MacroFriendly Big Mac’s or a beautiful homemade Confetti Cupcake Protein Poptart! Subscribe below so I can teach you everything you need to know to become that master flexible dieter and achieve the body and optimal health you’ve always dreamed of while eating the foods you love!

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Low Cal Bacon Egg Cheese Crunch Wrap Burger

Flexible Dieting Lifestyle Reviews

Crystal’s Transformation

Flexible dieting has changed my life so I truly appreciate the message you are sending.
When I first got into fitness, I had no idea what I was doing so I believed everything I would read from so called “experts” in magazines. “Clean eating” seemed to be the answer so I adopted it full on. I restricted everything. I remember being so excessive about ingredients on the nutrition label. I didn’t track macros then, but I know I was way under eating and way over exercising. I felt like I was working so hard, but not seeing any results and it was frustrating.
Then I found you and Amanda Bucci on Instagram and starting looking into counting macros. I bought your recipe books and then joined your club instantly. Finding flexibility with food while being able to still make progress was life changing. I love your take on food and have adopted it as my own. And it’s crazy because now I’m SO much more relaxed about fitness in general and the results keep coming. These pictures are a year apart. Clean eating and too much cardio vs IIFYM eating and barely any cardio. So thanks again! It’s been fun to watch you grow. You deserve all the success in the world!