About Flexible Dieting Lifestyle

Who Am I

My name is Zach Rocheleau and I am just a recently turned 26 year old guy who loves 3 things more than anything in this world:

  1. My Faith and Relationship with God
  2. My Amazing Family (Just look how beautiful my mom is in the picture with me above!)
  3. And…….I absolutely love FOOD!!!!!! I’ll be honest when I say that I train hard in the gym so I can eat as much as I do πŸ™‚ but don’t tell anyone!

I used to own a gym and it was in this space that I learned that fitness is one aspect of overall health and wellness. But I discovered that nutrition is the linchpin. Anyone that I had coached- from athletes to soccer moms to grandmothers all could benefit from finding the perfect diet for them. The amazing thing is that I use my flexible dieting principles with every single one of them and have had unbelievable success. From a 72 years old nearly dead man who was on every medication you could think of, to in a short 4 months, was completely off all medications and feeling like he was in his 30’s again! To a high school athlete who could not put on muscle but in a short 2 months, put on 20lbs of lean muscle! Just check out many more of the success stories that we have helped create!

What is The Flexible Dieting Lifestyle?

Simply put, it is a lifestyle that utilizes nutrition as a tool to live the lifestyle you desire. Society is always deciding for us what we should be eating and classifying foods as “good” or “bad.” We are constantly scolded for liking ice cream, brownies, cereal or anything else you can think of. Then you have massive amounts of nutritional information thrown at you and it is almost impossible for you to understand all that so you just have to take the majorities word to be true (what you see on the news or in the magazines). This is why I created blog and community. I want to be your guide and give you everything you need to know while calling BS on everything else. I want to make this super duper easy on you because I know you are busy. I got your back!

My Unfair Advantage?

I absolutely LOVE this stuff! I dedicated that past six years of my life to creating world class recipes and the developing the nutrition principles that can change people’s lives! Flexible Dieting has changed my life and it is something that I am not only working with myself but share with my followers and FDL Family. I am also a Certified Precision Nutrition Sport and Exercise Nutrition L1 Coach and am currently working on the year long Precision Nutrition Master Certification. So I am gaining knowledge from personal experience through trial and error as well as learning from a great company on a daily basis who is at the top of the nutritional education field!

By No Means An Expert

I want everyone to know that I am by all means not an expert but I plan to be one day! Nutrition is an ever evolving field and what we used to think is completely different than what we know now. I make mistakes and am human but I want to share those mistake so you guys don’t make them yourselves. Mistakes are just an opportunity to learn something new and keep the momentum going forward. Life is just a huge collage of ups and downs but we want that line to be trending upward and I want to be that guide for you!