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Before anything, I just want to say thanks so much for reading and I really appreciate you taking the time to join me here.

My name is Zach Rocheleau and I am the owner and found of FDL. I can honestly say that flexible dieting has changed not only my life but many of the people I work with at the gym on a daily basis as well.

I created this platform so I could teach you the nutritional principles that will allow you to eat the foods you love while living the life you desire!

Most fitness information out there is, to be completely honest, terrible and misleading.

And if it is high quality factual information, it is more than likely boring as can be!

What you will get from me is high quality, researched backed information, that you can apply to your life immediately! And (I hope) that my content is somewhat entertaining as well 🙂

And Because I Love You….. Seriously

I’ve created the Flexible Dieting 101 Guide and am giving it to you for FREE! This guide will walk you step by step through:

  • What is Flexible Dieting?
  • How to get started?
  • How to perfectly set up your macros to obtain optimal fat loss, muscle gain, and athletic performance goals
  • How to fit your nutrition around your profession and overall lifestyle
  • Why your last diet failed
  • How to eat enough protein and a free protein cheat sheet
  • How to eat a ton and not get fat
  • How to travel and hit your macros without having to be weird and using your food scale
  • An evidence based supplement guide on perfect supplementation for you
  • And soo much more!