Fruity Pebble Protein Bagels (79.6 Cals)

Macros for Each Bagel with no toppings:
79.6 Cals, 6.4g Carbs, 2.8g Fat, 7.2g Protein!

Ingredients (Makes 5 Bagels):

45g Low Fat Ricotta
30g Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt
28g Light Mozzarella
1 Whole Egg
30g Egg Whites
20g PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein
20g All Purpose Flour (can use gluten free)
7g Coconut Flour
3g Stevia
4g Baking Powder
10g Crushed Fruity Pebbles

Ingredients for Protein Frosting for 5 Bagels:

20g PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein (“FDL” saves you 15%)
8g Coconut Flour
3g Stevia
45g Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt
20g Cold Water (Add more if needed)


1.) Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F. Add your ricotta, greek yogurt, and mozzarella into a microwave safe bowl and mix together. Then add to the microwave for 50 seconds to melt. Mix after taking out of microwave. Then add your whole egg and egg whites and mix those in.

2.) Then add your dry ingredients (protein powder, all purpose flour, coconut flour, stevia, and baking powder) to another bowl and mix together to avoid clumping. Then add these dry ingredients to your wet and mix together. Then crush up your fruity pebbles either with your hands or a food processor and then add 7g to the mix and mix those in.

3.) Now take your donut pan ( and spray 5 cavities with non stick butter spray. Then sprinkle the rest of your fruity pebbles inside the cavities to help with the aesthetics for when you pop them out and the fruity pebbles will be on top. Then add your batter to each cavity. Add to oven for 10 minutes. Then take out and add to your cooling rack.

4.) While those are cooling, add your dry protein frosting ingredient to a bowl and mix to avoid clumping. Then add your greek and mix in as best you can. Then add your water 10ml at a time and mix and repeat until you have a thick frosting like consistency. If you accidentally added too much water, add to freezer to help thicken up. Then add to your bagels and enjoy!

Protip: Slice each in half, add to your toaster or to oven on broil for them even crispier!

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