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  • Inaccurate calorie estimation with unpersonalized macro
  • No education
  • No guidance
  • No accountability

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FDL Macro Sets:

  • Highly customized macro and calorie calculations based on detailed questionnaire
  • Everything is based on your preferences, lifestyle and goals.
  • Free adjustments, if needed
  • Interaction with expert coach, Miguel Blacutt, experienced with all body types and goals
  • Nutrition Handbook explaining everything you need to know about tracking macros
  • Privileges to exclusive Facebook community with giveaways, interaction with others and live Q&As

Miguel Blacutt, Head Coach
BSc. Nutritional Biochemistry (c)
Expert in Science-Based Nutrition and Training
Bayesian Bodybuilding
Published by Dr. Layne Norton & Alan Aragon
Contest Prep Coach