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Have you ever looked through my Instagram feed and been like, “Dangggggg I need that recipe right now!”

Then followed by the question, “how in the hell does he eat all that and stay lean!?”

Well the answer arises in special kind of magic called Macro Magic!

This magic is so special because it gives you the ability to eat foods that you love like pizza, cake, cookies, donuts, waffles, burgers, etc that would normally destroy your macros!

How so!? A Macro Magician is able to create special recipes through the use of Macro Magic that makes all of your favorite foods so macro friendly so they can fit into your macro every single day!!


And new Macro Magic is created on daily basis by Macro Magicians and thus needed to create a place to share all this new magic with all my fellow Macro Magicians!

And The Macro Magician Club was born!!

Think of it as the Hogwarts for Macro Magicians, and I’m Dumbledore!

So what exactly do you get by becoming a member of the Macro Magician Club!?

Well first off, you get instant access ( OVER 300 Current Recipes!) to all exclusive recipes that are posted on my instagram account that have been created since the FDL Book of Recipes 3.0 launched! 5-7 NEW Recipes are released WEEKLY. Let me showcase a few just to give you a taste (no pun intended) of what you will be getting!

As the Macro Magician Club evolves, so will the features and capabilities. The sky is the limit and our imaginations are always hungry for more.

How about an Protein Cookie Nookie Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches!?

Macros for WHOLE Crunch Wrap: 164 Cals, 15g Carbs, 4.5g Fat, 20g Protein!

Ever seen the new trend from CookieDoNYC making edible cookie dough!? Well I did it better by making my own Macro Friendly Protein Cookie Dough!

Ok what about some Extra Large Protein Dessert Pizza’s for just around 600 calories and over 60g protein!!? Are these real life!?

Ok maybe Dessert Pizza’s are not your thing…. How about some Extra Large Savory Pizza’s for under 700 calories and 68g Protein for the WHOLE Pizza!!? Or even a Personal Pan Pizza’s as buns for your burger with each personal pan pizza for just 108 calories and only 12.5g carbs!?

Ok and have you ever seen a Pizza Quesadilla!? Definitely not with each with only 18g Carbs and 2g Fat along with 16g Protein!

Ok but what about a cookie monster cookie donut containing ONLY 167 Calories?!

But what about this epic #MacroFriendly Canadian Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Pizza Bread Bowl! for under 440 calories?!

Ok enough with the desserts!? Bring on the savory!! Let’s start with some breakfast!
Macros for WHOLE Thing: 261 Cals, 15g Carbs, 8g Fat, 33g Protein!!

Low Carb Protein Reese’s PB Cup Oreo Frosty Bowl!!

Macros for the Whole Protein Frosty
136 Cals, 17g Carbs, 4g Fat, 13g Protein

Or what about Low Carb Sharp Cheddar CRUNCHY Nacho Gainzz
Macros for the WHOLE Pan
370 Cals, 39g Carbs, 12g Fat, 38g Protein!

Or even a Bacon as Buns Keto Cheese Burger!

What about some epic protein donuts for breakfast with each donut on average with toppings being 62 calories, 6g carbs, 0.5g fat, and 8.5g protein!?

Maybe you are a Pop Tart Fan!? How about this Sprinkled Donut Crunch Protein Pop Tart with 32g protein!?

Ok back to dessert!? But what about a Starbucks Remake Red Velvet Oreo Protein Whoopie Pie!? for 169 Cals, 17g Carbs, 2g Fat, 25g Protein!

Ok lastly, how does a Low Carb Oreo Birthday Cheesecake Bowl with 205 Cals, 23g Carbs, 2g Fat, 29g Protein Sound?!?


“Hi, my name is Logan and I come from very humble beginnings. I am currently 15 years old but when I started my fitness journey I was 13. Last January I came down with the common cold but my throat was hurting so I decided it was time to go to the doctor’s office. The nurse came in, and like always, took my temperature, blood pressure, height and weight. My temperature was normal but I was hypertensive and weighing 246 pounds. My heart dropped when I looked down at the scale. I had not weighed myself in a long time and did not expect to see such a high number. That was when I decided to make a change. I started off with a lot of cardio, some weight training and a slight caloric deficit. I was losing weight but not at a great rate. Some people would say to lose 20 pounds in 6 months is successful but I didn’t feel this way. During these 6 months I wasn’t going as hard as I could and I knew I had gas left in the tank. From June to December I lost about 20 more pounds but that still wasn’t enough for me. I was weighing around 200 pounds during Christmas time with a high body fat. January 1st came around and I had set some goals. I wanted to start a “Bulk” at sometime during the year and I wanted to get below 15% body fat for the first time. I realized that I always have a sweet tooth when I shouldn’t but no longer is having a sweet tooth a bad thing! I came across Zach Rocheleau(@theflexibledietinglifestyle) on Instagram and followed his link to the Macro Magician club. I begged my mom for a few weeks to pay for a month membership and when I finally got her on my side, I was absolutely hooked! You no longer need to eat chicken breast, brown rice, and broccoli every meal. I have lost 33 pounds alone this year and am around 165 pounds and feeling better than ever! You don’t need to eat boring to eat healthy and this is what the Macro Magician club has taught me. Every time I make a recipe off the website, I almost feel guilty eating these creations because they are so Delicious! Thank you to the Macro Magician Club!” – Logan

And trust me, that is just a small taste of what is inside the FDL Macro Magician Club! And this list of recipe will continue to grow along with the features that will be offered! And if you sign up now, you will always be locked in at your current price for as long as you keep your membership! That’s FOREVER! We would love to have you as part of the club! We appreciate your support and are excited for you to join us on our journey!

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And as always Thanks & God Bless my friend!