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We’ve helped a lot of people achieve some life changing results in case you were wondering. Click here to see for yourself. Or you can just ask Kate if she was excited to lose 25lbs in 3 months so she could surprise her husband in the military when she went to visit him!

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Kate’s 3 Month Transformation

Our training and nutrition program is creating the perfect treasure map to achieving the level of health, fitness, and athleticism that you desire. It’s quite simple!

But most times in our journey, we come across massive holes in the treasure map that lead us to either:

  • Steer off course and go in the the wrong direction
  • Or even make us give up on our treasure quest

This is what’s happening when you have a training program that is not perfectly tailored for YOU and YOUR needs. When this happens we have problems that arise which leave us guessing on where to go next. This ultimately leads to yet another failed attempt at finding your treasure!

These Massive Holes In Our Treasure Map Usually Look Like:

  • What if I don’t have access to that equipment? How do I substitute in something for what I have access to?
  • What if I just can’t do the exercise correctly? How do I change to a similar exercise until I am ready for that one?
  • What if I am in pain doing a certain exercise? How do I fix that pain?
  • What if I get hurt? What if I tweaked a muscle in my back and can’t do some of the exercises? How do I change my workout to still keep progress going?
  • What if I am traveling a lot? How do I modify my workouts to accommodate for that?
  • What if my progress has halted in the gym? How do I change my workouts to keep that progress going?
  • What if I am super busy and can only get a 30 minute workout in per day instead of the 90 minute that is prescribed? How do I change my workout then?
  • What if I get sick of eating plain boring chicken, broccoli and rice? I can’t eat this for the rest of my life! Does that mean my results will not last!? How can I eat different foods in order to get the same results!?
  • What if I am at my kids birthday and have a piece of cake!? Am I screwed and just ruined my diet? Or is there a way to have that piece of cake and still keep progress going!?
  • What if I am going out with my best friends tonight to celebrate and want to eat and drink at a restaurant we are going to? Do I just tell them that I can’t go? Or is there a way I can go out with them and enjoy the food and drinks without stopping progress!?
  • What if I am can’t eat every 2-3 hours and eat 6 meals per day? Is my metabolism going to slow down and my progress will stall? Or is there a way I could eat when it fits into my lifestyle and keep progress going!?
  • What if I go on vacation and will not be able to prepare my meals? What if I am eating a lot of restaurant food? What if I only have access to a microwave? Or only a fridge? Or neither? Is there a way I could go on vacation and keep progress going without ruining my vacation!?

Literally this list could go on for days! This is just a few of the holes that can occur in our treasure map but I’m sure you can think of plenty more that you have encountered. I promise I can answer every single of these questions above and you will be getting that expertise with this program. I mean I think Perrin was excited to eat twice as much food as she was before and get that fitness body she’s always wanted! Or Jimmy, who is 6’8″ who was able to drop 10lbs in a month while finally being on a strength training program that actually developed for his massive frame that is taking his strength through the roof while getting leaner!

3 Month Transformation

Jimmy’s 4 Month Transformation

So Who Would Be A Perfect Fit For The FDL Coaching Program?

  1. Someone who is dedicated and ready to achieve life changing results
  2. Someone who is has a solid lifting background. They are proficient at most movement in the gym. Are not completely new to training.
  3. Someone who is intrinsically motivated and really needs that personalized training and nutrition along with coaching that will lead them to the promise land of results!
  4. Most importantly, someone who is eager to learn and create a foundation that will allow them to create the lifestyle they desire!

Is That You?

1. Very Detailed Initial Assessment
  • Super detailed dissection of your goals and our plan to get you there
  • Determine prior training history/background
  • Deep dive into your health history and physical capabilities
  • Detailed analysis of any prior or current injuries or limitations
  • A full lifestyle analysis so we can create a program that fits perfectly into your lifestyle and is most importantly, sustainable.
2. Perfectly Tailored Training Program
  • Exercise selection that is perfectly matched to your current needs and abilities
  • Frequency and volume that matches your goals and priorities
  • Training phase progressions that will ensure and expedite progress
  • Optimal programming: order of exercises, number of sets and reps, tempo, and rest periods
3. Perfectly Individualized Nutritional Programming
  • Metabolic assessment that will give you the perfect macronutrient ratios for YOUR body and YOUR goals
  • Meal frequency based on your lifestyle – whether thats 3 meals or 6 meals per day
  • Strategies on how to eat the foods you love
  • How to eat out at restaurants
  • How to integrate alcohol into your plan
4. Individualized Supplementation Plan
  • Some supplements are necessary for certain goals and some are not
  • A supplement plan based on your goals that will include a cost/benefit analysis that makes sense for you
5. Motivation & Accountability
  • Weekly check-in to ensure your progress is on point
  • Videos sent to me for me to perform a critiqued form analysis on exercises.
  • Training and nutrition logs sent to me to study, analyze, and make changes if necessary
6. 100% Full Access To Me
  • You have 100% full access to me on my personal email account
  • New goals you want to accomplish? Have a big cruise in 2 weeks? Tweak a muscle in your back? I’m here to help at anytime with all that.
  • Response time within 24 hours to any emails
  • We are a team. I am here 100% the whole time so you will never feel “alone” or “helpless” in this process.

Ohh and if are an competitive athlete and you don’t think I could help you, just ask Wendell if I was able to help his performance on the court! I think this video will tell all!

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