Protein Powder Cookie Butter- 8.32oz (Cookies and Cream)

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Low-calorie, macro friendly, delectable Protein Cookie Butter Powder™. Indulge in Cookie Butter without the added fat or extra calories. Just add water to the product to enjoy as a spread, filling, topping or as a stand-alone dessert. Exclusive EBook with 18 Cookie Butter recipe variations available with purchase!

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This revolutionary product has been making some serious waves since its initial launch.

Whether you are looking for a low-calorie replacement for something like peanut butter,  a next level substitute for protein powder or want to crush a craving with cookies, waffles or muffins, Cookie Butter is for you!

People have been eating Cookie Butter by the spoonful, using as topping and mixing it in oatmeal. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Feel free to take full advantage of our FREE Recipe Ebook that can be downloaded immediately after purchase!

With only 45 calories and 6g of protein per 2 Tbs servings, you can crush sweet cravings with ZERO guilt. Just measure out Cookie Butter and add water. Bake with it, use as a filling or spread or eat straight off the spoon, we won’t judge 🙂

Just 1 serving of this high protein Cookie Butter is only 1g of fat and 1g of sugar!